Interview: AE Designer Kody Numedahl


Kody Numedahl Main

Team Associated has been on top of their game releasing a full lineup of new vehicles. One of the brains behind these vehicles is accomplished racer and design engineer Kody Numedahl. Most recently, Numedahl stepped away from the drawing board to race the IFMAR Worlds Warm-Up in Japan. To many’s surprise, Kody wheeled away from many of the World’s best for a podium finish. Upon his arrival back home, we captured the design guru for a few minutes of his time to chat about the Worlds, the cars, and everything in between!


RCN: Mr. Kody Numedahl! Thank you for sitting down for a quick chat today! First and foremost, fantastic job at the IFMAR Worlds Warm-Up in Japan. You managed a very impressive 2nd overall in the 2wd buggy class ahead of a STACKED field of World Championship contenders. We knew you could drive, but we haven’t seen a result like that from you in awhile, how did it feel to be back running with the world’s best?

Kody: It felt great! High traction racing is a benefit for my driving style and astro turf is the epitome of that.

2wdA1_YB_0466 (1)

RCN: You were obviously running the B5M buggy, which as AE Design Engineer you played a large role in designing, correct?

Kody: Yes, Bob Stellfue and myself were the engineers in charge of this project but nearly everyone at the shop had some part in the development.


RCN: What sort of setup changes and engineering changes is required to accommodate for the artificial surface of a track such as Yatabe?

Kody: For how different the traction level is, the amount of car differences needed is not as drastic as you may think. There is only so much you can do for the grip level when there are still jumps to deal with.


RCN: Several drivers expressed their disapproval in not only the surface, but “onroad-style layout” of the Warm-Up track as well. What were your thoughts?

Kody: I don’t personally like this direction for racing but it is what it is. The best drivers will still find their way to the top.


RCN: Will you be racing in the upcoming World Championships, or simply on hand to support the team as you have done at many other races?

Kody: I will be there racing in addition to helping out the team.


RCN: Lets talk a bit about the new RC8B3. AE fans have anxiously awaited the buggy for quite some time, and in the short time it has been available, it seems to be putting smiles on everyone’s face. Were you a part of the RC8B3 design?

Kody: I was involved with the development of the project but Bob Stellflue was the guy who actually drew the parts. This was a similar manner to how the B5 was done.

RC8B3_Top-Down_md (1)

RCN: What would you say is the biggest overall improvement the RC8B3 has over the RC8’s in the past?

Kody: Comfort level. The old car worked well at times but never had a solid feel. This new platform should be much more compatible track to track.

Cav Truck

RCN: Despite the fact the class is slowly dwindling away in many regions, can we expect an RC8T3 truggy in the near future?

Kody: It is always nice to have shared parts among cars 🙂


RCN: We’ve seen the new B5, B5M, T5M, SC5M, and RC8B3…what about a totally re-designed 4wd? Will the B44.3 platform be what we see at this year’s World Championships, or is a little something new in works?

Kody: We always have something new in the works but it is very hard to time new product with big races.


RCN: Of all the projects you have been a part of at AE, what would you say is your favorite so far and why?

Kody: My favorite so far would have to be the B5M because it was the first step for the company into the mid-motor era and there has been a lot to learn.

RIC_1417 copia-XL

RCN: Favorite thing about being an engineer in the R/C industry?

Kody: Being able to make new product that I actually get to use and watch other compete with.


RCN: Worst thing about being an engineer in the R/C industry?

Kody: Hearing about all the problems but never hearing the positive feedback.

Cash Out

RCN: Well Kody, we know you have a lot of work to get back to, but we appreciate you taking some time with us today! Before you get back to turn wrenches, is there anything you would like to add?

Kody: As always, thanks for the time!