The 28th Annual RC Model Week wraps up at Haven Holiday Park


RC Model Week
Haven Holiday Park in the UK was the venue once again for the annual RC Model Week, this being the 28th consecutive running of the event. The park offers many on site attraction’s to entertain families with children, and with Scarborough, York , Whitby and the Yorkshire moors all a close drive away there is plenty to see if you fancy a day off from racing to venture out.

Drivers once again attended from all over the country, some who have been coming since time began with some new fresh faces to add to the competition, no-one can resist the week long racing, and socializing in the bars in the evenings. The drivers took part in a total of ten different classes over the course of the week long qualifying, culminating in a grand finals day. The aim of the event is a week of fun racing with people who have become good friends over the years, everyone helping each other to keep the many cars running all week.

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The tracks are located on the cliff top giving some superb sea views of Filey bay. A tarmac track marked with guttering and dots offered a quick start to the lap with two short straights heading away from you before a mix of slow twisty sections of chicane and hairpins in the middle of the lap. This then led onto a quick flick right/left before opening out into a fast sweeper onto the main straight, giving some very close racing at times as drivers got familiar with the track and rubber was laid down and bringing grip levels up.

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Turn around on the rostrum and you have the off road grass track, a long straight runs away from the rostrum into a quick chicane and switchback before a blast along the back bank. A series of two hairpins joined by short straights takes you into the first of the two manmade jumps. A double hairpin section brings you back in front of the rostrum for the dog leg straight heading to the tricky part of the track, it may be a simple sweeper into a “Monaco style” swimming pool section, but there are natural dips, drops and bumps, so caution is needed here if you want a fast lap.

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Saturday is reserved for booking in , generating heats and open practice for people to blow away the cob webs and make sure their many cars are set up for the qualifying ahead. As we moved into Sunday last chance practice was followed by a complete round of on road followed by a complete round of off road, everyone had a run out, and now the cars were set for the following days qualifying. Monday greeted us with some high winds, but this didn’t deter anyone, as with a slight tweak the nitro engines were suited to the cooler conditions, whilst the electric runners tried out fresh rubber. The two rounds of on and off road racing totaling around 34 heats ran smoothly and by 6pm everyone was ready for the night out. Tuesday greeted us with warmer weather and another 34 heats ahead, drivers were finding their set ups, grip was coming up on both tracks, and drivers thumbs were by now well and truly loosened up, so the qualifying times were improving. Wednesday was set as a half day with a just the one complete round of qualifying for both tracks giving drivers a last chance to improve their times, or find that dialed set up for the finals day. Qualifying complete by lunch time drivers heading off in various directions to enjoy the sun and do some local site seeing.

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Thursday is finals day, everyone pulled up trackside to check on their qualifying efforts. The on road finals were to run first and the B final electric touring cars lined up for the first honors of the day. There is simply too many finals to give a detailed account of each one, Steve Worton bagged the first final win in the Electric touring B final. The A final electric touring car final produced some really close racing as the top two pulled away, the early leader was Barry Abbott but after getting tangled up with a back marker Mikey Mansell took the lead and eventually the win. With the nitro finals being 12 minutes fuel stops would be required and this could come into play as the finals wore on pushing the little nitro engines into something they had not experienced all week, more than five minutes running. Matt Book took the B final win here, while in the A final Alex Wynn took the win just 12 seconds ahead of Mark McCormick after the twelve minutes. The Tamiya Mini cup is proving a popular class and the site of ten Mini’s screaming the little standard motors, being thrown into the corners to carry as much speed as possible bought quite a few smiles from both onlookers and drivers alike. Darren Savin took the B final win while Ian Johnson stormed to the overall A final victory. Micro finals up next, which with the current speed of these little beasts ran on the full 1/10 circuit without looking lost. Mark McCormick took another B final win, while Dave Hall took overall victory with the A final win. We headed on to the incorporated oval for the last on road final of 2015. Over 500laps completed between the ten cars, thank goodness we don’t hand count anymore, and it was Wayne Wilson with the overall win completing 67laps.

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Heading on to the off road track and the first Final up was the 1/10 Buggy 4wd A final, Mikey Mansell and Lee Davis pulled out a lead on the rest of the field and after the final minutes sounded it was Mikey who edged out Lee by just 4seconds. On to the 2wd now and the B final was won by Colin Parsfield some 24 seconds up on second place Mike Mansell, father of Mikey. The A final was next up with some really good close racing between once again Mikey Mansell and Lee Davis, a couple of small errors costing Mikey the double as lee took the win, in fact only two laps separated the whole ten car field. The electric trucks are always fun to watch as there is such a wide variety of style of truck, from fun garden basher, to full blown race spec which makes for some interesting handling and entertainment alike. Ian Johnson a lap up on the rest of the pack took home the trophy in this one. We then moved on to the nitro classes, the 1/8 rally x seems to be one of the more popular classes generally in RC at the moment, and that is no different at Primrose. It was the B final up first, and Mark McCormick took the win, and with it a bump up spot to the A final, just how far could he go? On to the A final and Wayne Wilson took an early lead while the rest of the field ran into troubles, as they sorted themselves out it was Dave Griffiths out to catch Wayne but in doing so made some small errors, which in turn allowed Darren Savin to get involved with the scrap for the podium. What of our B Final winner Mark, well he had quietly got on with his race and took and impressive third overall. So it was left to the 1/12 CRT’s to close the weeks racing. Always proving a popular fun class, not to mention sounding like a swarm of bees as they scream down the straights, these really are fun to watch as well as drive. After 12 minutes of pure fun, and fuel stops it was Dave Richards who had the last laugh as some terrible luck in his early finals were put aside as he took the win, behind him Dave Griffiths yet again had to settle for second after pushing just a little too hard in pursuit of the victory.

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So that was it for 2015, just the trophy presentations to be handed out later in the afternoon, along with the very large raffle with an LRP charger as top prize, always a nice way to round of the week.

The dates have been confirmed for 2016 as 7th – 13th May 2016. For further information please head to Facebook and friend request Primrose Modelweek.