Brilliant RC releases new fuel gun


Brilliant Fuel Gun

We’ve yet to see the chasing pack copy Pro-Line’s innovative and rather wallet-draining fuel stick – sticking with a rather more tried n’tested design is ‘Brilliant RC’ with their traditional fuel gun. Thanks to the short front body and the ergonomic design of the handle it’s easier to refuel and the chances of mistakes are minimized. The optimized, extra short nozzle with integrated auto-stop ensures a maximum filling of the tank. 

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An extra large intake makes it very easy to fill the 200cc reservoir of the gun which also features easy to read volume markings down the side. The cap is fixed by a chain at the body of the fuel gun to prevent from losing it. At the cap and all other necessary points the fuel gun is sealed with high quality o-rings to prevent the gun from leaking. Included are two suitable stays to place the gun when not in use. All these features help to bring your fuel stops to perfection for fast pistops and a relaxed time in the pitlane.

Source: Brilliant RC