Conway & Brown win EoE Rd.2



The second round of the East of England Regionals took place at the Bowyer-Lowe Raceway in Kings Lynn, a new venue for the EoE calender. Another good turn out for this one, mean four heats of both 2wd & 4wd.


The track was 100% grass with many cleverly built man made “natural” features, including a couple of table top sections and even a wall of death to contend with. Heavy rain was forecast but despite the overnight weather, and the couple of rather heavy downpours in the morning, the track held up really well with no rooster tails or cutting up that may have been expected. In fact the grass was so smooth many claimed it looked better than their back gardens, the secret, it gets cut almost every morning to keep it short, and has plenty of fertilizer. All this added up to a lap time of around 29-35 seconds, depending on the weather.


After the four rounds of qualifying were complete it was Alex Carter claiming pole, with NBC winner Jonathan Brown second, Nigel Buck in third.

Finals 2wd
C Final – Overall 3 legs
1st – William Innocent
2nd – Colin Parsfield
3rd – Jamie Lee
4th – Keith Wardle
5th – Richard Sharp
6th – Kacey Tinkler
7th – Joe Sharp
8th – Jamie Robinson
9th – Daniel Usher
10th – Channon Beilby

B Final – Overall 3 legs
1st – Simon Overall
2nd – Ian Buck
3rd – Nicholas Child
4th – Nic Child
5th – Ben Chester
6th – Tony Price
7th – Philip Child
8th – Nathan Jones
9th – Joe Howson
10th – Kevin Fenn

A final leg 1 – Alex Carter converted his pole position into a very strong win to give him a shot at the overall win, Jonathan Brown rolled home in a solid second, current champ Danny Conway picking up third despite his car feeling like a wet sponge. Leg 2 and after a frantic start it was Simon Watson who took advantage from his 6th spot on the grid, closely followed by Alex who was eager to get the leg and overall victory. Sadly a couple of mistakes late on allowed Simon to pull out a gap and take the leg win. Leg 3 and it was all to play for, Alex the clear favourite, Simon, Jonathan and even Danny with a bit of luck could claim the overall win. This was an interesting final as a few mistakes, crashes and bad luck, Jonathan came out in the lead and got his head down, stayed calm and crossed the line first, Simon Watson showing his leg 2 win was no fluke by taking second, Danny a solid third, Alex his worst run at just the wrong time and ending up fourth. So the overall result? Jonathan, Alex and Simon all ended up tied on three points, so it was onto the quickest times to separate them, Jonathan just under 2 seconds quicker than Alex, Simon a lap back.

A Final – Overall 3 legs
1st – Jonathan Brown
2nd – Alex Carter
3rd – Simon Watson
4th – Danny Conway
5th – Nigel Buck
6th – Connor Watkins
7th – David Evans
8th – Graham Kisby
9th – Lee Hedges
10th – Simon Lee-Armstrong


4wd pole went to Steve Biscoe, Danny Conway keeping Steve honest by taking second, and Nicholas Child a superb Third.

Finals 4wd
D Final – Overall 3 legs
1st – Will Fallaize
2nd – Kevin Fenn
3rd – Liam Fenn

C Final – Overall 3 legs
1st – Nic Child
2nd – Andrew Chambers
3rd – Philip Child
4th – David Foulger
5th – Daniel Chilvers
6th – Paul Tinkler
7th – James Dobler
8th – Ashley Kew
9th – Barry Abbott
10th – Paul Pratley

B Final – Overall 3 legs
1st – James Wright
2nd – Ben Hubbard
3rd – Carl Dufton
4th – Zane Gittens
5th – Justin Easey
6th – Tony Price
7th – Pete Lyons
8th – Tony Archer
9th – Keith Wardle
10th – Simon Lee-Armstrong

A Final Leg 1 – Steve Biscoe got a great jump to open up a small gap, whilst behind Danny Conway had a lap to forget, twice being marshalled and thrown on to his roof dropping him to the back of the field. Behind Steve who was now so far ahead he started to think what he was going to have for Sunday lunch. Rob York did what he had done at NBC, came from nowhere to storm to a great second place, whilst Lee Hedges followed from tenth on the grid to an excellent third, could Danny recover his head for leg 2, or would Steve go for another Sunday drive to claim the overall win? Leg 2 and again Steve Biscoe shot off for his customary Sunday drive, but this time Danny Conway went with him. These two were showing us some close racing leaving the rest of the field way behind, a small error from Steve around the half way point allowed Danny the chance to nip through and complete what he needed to, prevent Steve from taking the overall and taking it down to a decider. Behind these two Rob York had all but made sure of a podium finish by claiming a great 3rd, local man Jack Angus taking fourth and maybe, just maybe a shot at the podium. Leg 3 and all was to play for with Danny and Steve. At the end of lap one it was Jack Angus who led but sadly his moment of glory was to end as he tumbled on the small double. Around the three minute mark the top four had broken away led by Danny, Steve and Jack recovering to third. With four minutes down Steve realised he needed to push and just made a small mistake on one of the hairpins, allowing Danny to pull out a lead, just a few seconds later and another mistake from Steve and Danny had a commanding lead and in the process allow Jack to close in on Steve. Going into the last lap and with Danny gone Jack was all over Steve for second, coming into a hairpin Steve just showed Jack a bit of room, Jack took the chance and made a move, a small coming together left Steve needing marshaling and Jack to pick up his best regional finish. So Danny picked up the win, Steve took second, Rob had done enough to claim the last podium spot by one point from Jack.

A Final – Overall 3 legs
1st – Danny Conway
2nd – Steve Biscoe
3rd – Rob York
4th – Jack Angus
5th – Graham Kisby
6th – Lee Hedges
7th – Martin Long
8th – Simon Overall
9th – Nicholas Child
10th – Paul Timberlake.


As well as taking part in the main 2wd and 4wd championships the Juniors also have their own championship, regardless of what class they compete in they are rolled into one junior championship. We take their final overall position and then simply award top points for the highest finisher, second for the next highest and so on, any ties are decided as all finals are on best time. Connor Watkins took another win by claiming a superb sixth in the 2wd A final, Nathern Jones taking second with an 8th in the 2wd B final, third was Kacey Tinkler who took 6th in the 2wd C final. A special mention must go to Young Joe Sharp who at 5years old braved the rain and wind, some early qualifying troubles, held back the tears at the possibility of missing the first leg of his final and drove very well on a challenging track for someone such a young age. In my eyes Joe was a winner, and so was duely awarded a winners plaque.


(Joe with BRCA rep Colin Parsfield and Model Hobby owner Adam Bowyer-Lowe.)

Last but by no means least…
Whilst the finals were taking part news started to circulate around the pits of the sad passing of Jimmy Storey, Oople Jimmy as people referred to him. Not having met Jimmy personally but having dealt with him on setting up forums and advertising model events I can say that his effort to promote RC cars in whatever way he can never be questioned. Our thoughts from all in the East of England region go out to his family and loved ones. The RC world has lost another star.

EoE Round 3 @ Colchester June 28th.