The Island Nitro Series concludes



The curtains came down on Season 5 of the Island Nitro Series in Kingston, Jamaica. This season included 1/10 Touring, 1/8 GT, and 1/8 4WD Open classes, making it the biggest season so far. The season ran over a 8 months period (September 2014 – April 2015) with the awards presentation and banquet in May, 2015 at the Fluxie Mango event.

Jason Givans (Kyosho) was able to clench first place for the 1/8 GT staying ahead of the veteran Gary Sailsman in second and Howard Maitland in third. Givans was able to top the competition with a total 494 points.

1/10 Touring had a nail bite finishing between the top three finalists. This could have been completely different if the final race winnings were in a different order. Mike Clarke was however able to outmaneuver his rivals and clipped first place by a narrow margin of 6 points with his Kyosho R4. A good fight was put up by Chad Chang and Denise Clarke in second and third respectively.

Franklin Thomas piloted his Viper 977 and was able to secure the 1/8 4WD Open season championship. His win was no walk in the park as he had some really fierce competition from Andre Blaine in second and the long time veteran Douglas Day in third. Thomas’ win came with only 5 points ahead of Blaine’s 590 points.

Source: JAM RC Club