RCShox unveils TLR 22-4 center diff kit


RCShox 22-4

RCShox, an American based company previously known as Mantisworx in the Mini Z Racing world, has introduced some of their latest new products designed for the TLR 22-4. As many well know, the front and rear differentials of the 22-4 can be a bit of an issue, especially in high grip conditions. Unfortunately without 100% precision adjustment of the diffs and slipper, the differentials will quickly become gritty, rough, and in turn cause the car to handle poorly. To fix this problem, RCShox introduces their center diff conversion and roller bearing front pulley.

roller_pulley_on_car__45802.1415916871.400.400 224cdiffirstproduction__91573.1412100479.400.400 center dif pulley

RCShox says, “The center diff conversion transfers power away from the rear, and more towards the front, the stress that is normally put on the rear diff is eliminated and this allows you to run the diff much looser, and rebuilds are spread out. On our test car the diff has lasted over a month now and still feels like butter!”