Factory RC all-in-one ‘Motor Tech Plate’


Factory RC Motor Tech Plate

Factory RC has just introduced their new ‘Motor “Tech” Plate’. This go/no go tech plate allows for quick inspection of any ROAR® approved motor for physical dimension requirements. The plate is machined from 2.25mm carbon look plate to the maximum tolerances allowed by ROAR®.  This allows the individual inspecting motors for legality to use a non magnetic tool to inspect the rotor and can for dimensions to assure legal racing.

20150528_102341 20150528_102455 20150528_102524 20150528_102249

The rotor can be inspected using the length and diameter slot which also inspects for the 7.00mm internal OD shaft. There’s also a pass through hole for the rotor body as well.  There are notches to inspect for can diameter and length, as well as the 14.5mm “plug” go no go gauge for the can/stack. This leaves only the stack length for inspection with a pair of digital calipers to finalize inspection which is easy to do since the stack isn’t magnetic. All measurements are clearly marked for their respective measurements.

20150528_102200 20150528_102434

Source: Factory RC