Sweat your shocks smooth with 110%


110 RCN

To get the most out of you R/C shocks, it is very important that they are smooth and consistent throughout your run, and throughout your racing weekend. 110% Racing’s new RC Sweat is a lubricant that will make your shocks silky smooth, and will also prevent the o-rings from swelling, which in turn prevents binding in your shocks. RC Sweat helps you get the best possible performance out of your shocks, which helps you give 110% on the track.

“One of the biggest issues that the we have found over the years is that the shock o-rings will swell up from the shock oil, which will cause your shocks to bind up, completely taking away their smoothness and consistency, and possibly costing you a win. This is obviously a big problem, so we’ve done extensive testing to find the best solution, which is where RC Sweat comes in.” – Ty Tessmann

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