Brilliant RC makes heavyweight debut


Brilliant Balance Weights

A new aftermarket parts and accessory company has emerged today, known as ‘Brilliant RC’. The new brand will offer high quality accessories and aftermarket parts for nitro and electric powered cars, helicopters, and more. As a well-balanced car is one of the keys to run fast lap-times, the first item to be released by Brilliant RC are the ‘Brilliant Balance Weights’. These new weights allow racers to fine-tune the weight distribution of any R/C model.



The weights with a diameter of 14mm, and a height of 4,4mm (5g) and 8,7mm (10g), come in the typical corporate design sporting a ‘Brilliant’ logo and a 5g or 10g engraving for easy identification. While the 10 gram version is threaded to fix it with a M3 screw or to use it as a nut, the 5 gramm is equipped with a 3mm hole so it can be used under a 10g weight or mounted with an M3 screw and a locknut. The ‘Brilliant Balance Weights’ come in a set of 2 x 5 gram and 2 x 10 gram weights and can be used to trim any R/C model.

Source: Brilliant RC