Top 10 Facts about Race Directing


Word of Wheels Whiny Racers

Week after week I scan the armchair experts’ chosen mediums – forums, social media sites, and listen to the latest drama from the previous weekend’s races everyone attended. Ironically it is almost always the same; constant negative comments, complaints, and criticism. 9 out of 10 times, I am not at the event I am reading the raged reviews about, therefore I don’t personally know how the race program was ran, how the track was or was not maintained, whether the rules were fair or not fair, etc.

“The constant whining and complaining will drive you mad, and ultimately suck the fun and desire to be a part of the event all together.”


What I DO know is that I personally HAVE been in the position of race director/promoter for various events around the country, including those of my own. As a race director over the years, I have learned that nothing wears on you faster than whiny racers. The constant whining and complaining will drive you mad, and ultimately suck the fun and desire to be a part of the event all together.

Silver State

Whether you are simply running club races at a backyard track, running an up-and-coming series in your region, or traveling the country to run nation’s biggest events, I have decided to put together a list for my fellow race directors of things I’ve learned that will hopefully keep you going (despite all the whiners).


1.) The only thing keeping ‘R/C Race Director’ off the TV show ‘Dirty Jobs’ is the lack of blood and guts for the film crew to fester on.

2.)When a driver wins, the race you are promoting is the best thing ever.

3.) When a driver loses, the race you are promoting sucks, you suck, your dog sucks, and life sucks.

4.) Racers, like race directors, make mistakes. The difference is that race directors continually thank those racers for being a part of their race program…despite their mistakes.

5.)The President can announce the rules, schedule, and plans for your R/C race in a speech on CNN, and racers will still travel from faraway lands to complain they assumed it would miraculously be different when they arrived.

 6.) If you do change the race program for that faraway guy, despite the President’s announcement,  he will complain because it was so unprofessional how the program changed mid-day.

7.) The phrase ‘Rules are Meant to Be Broken’ originated at the first R/C car race.

8.) $20 or $200 entry fee…racers will complain. No Entry Fee?… racers will complain.

9.) If YOU pay the racers to race, instead of them paying you…they will still complain.

10.) If you provide a perfect track. Racers will complain it’s too perfect.


Races, tracks, series, and R/C racers in general do not disappear for no reason. They disappear because of the lack of appreciation and fun left for them and those behind the events.

Neo X

As hard as it may be, the criticism from the few complaining must be taken into consideration, but ultimately rolled off to take a look at the successful smiling faces of all the other racers who have a place to race, a place to hang with their buddies, and a place to have a good time…all because of you and your event. So the next time someone punches out your scoring booth window (been there, done that), or puts you and your event on social media blast, just remember without YOU Mr. or Mrs. Race Director, there would be no R/C racing as we know it today.