Midwest RC Tour Rd.2 at Thunder Road



This past weekend was round 2 of the Midwest RC Tour held in Moline, Illinois at Thunder Road Hobbies, a very nice facility owned by Kevin Bronner. The forecast was looking iffy all week leading up to the race with a chance of rain. This was Ryan’s (owner of MWRCT) home track. Early in the week he stated that he knows the weather here, and if by chance rain does come, the track soaks it up very well so the show will go on as planned! What a show it was! The weather was beautiful both Friday and Saturday with zero rain and party cloudy skies, but attendance was down with only 90 entries for Nitro Buggy, eBuggy, and Nitro Truggy due to the forecast keeping people away.

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Race report by Ryan Klemme

In Nitro buggy with was Mike Murphy Jr. Taking the early TQ in round 1 with his O.S powered Tekno buggy the track did get a little drier for round 2 so that TQ was going to old although only by a little bit over Tony Bacon who was also running an O.S powered Tekno buggy. In the Cmain it would be Joey The Rocket taking the win over Gary Wright for the two Bump ups with Nathan Long taking 3rd place. The Bmain was going to be a good race with a stacked field of drivers with only 2 qualifiers some of the normal Amain drivers were struggling to find clean consistent laps but after the 20 min race it would be Julian Malevanets over the BQ of Aric Seffrood debuting his Hot Bodies for the first time with a good race only 7 seconds between the two at the finish third place would go to Xray driver Shane Rasmussen. Now for the Amain TQ Mike Murphy would have a bad start and drop back to 7th by the 4th lap but he kept at it making his way to 4th at the end of the race 3rd place qualifier Danny Bartholomew would make his was into 1st place by the second lap with his O.S Powered Byron Fueled Xray buggy and would put it on cruise control for a 2 lap win over SonnyO with his Triton L4 powered TLR 3.0 buggy., and Jason Bloom from Tekno would take the 3rd step on the podium.

Nitro Buggy

Finishing Order

  1. Danny Bartholomew
  2. SonnyO
  3. Jason Bloom
  4. Mike Murphy
  5. Tony Bacon
  6. Kyle Bronner
  7. Bryan Seitz
  8. Aric Seffrood
  9. Julian Malevanets
  10. Wade Aronson

eBuggy would see Mike Murphy Jr. take the TQ again with his Tekin powered Tekno buggy over TLR driver SonnyO as the prepared for the double 10 minute Amains the 10 minute Bmain would see BQ Mike Aschliman who has taken a brake from racing but is back at it this past weekend right where he left off as he would take the win over Dave Stewart who has been running some serious laps at his backyard track preparing himself for this season and it has paid off as he put his buggy into the Amain a lap ahead of Anthony Patyk when the final tone went off. In A1 it would be TQ Mike Murphy laying down the laps then a slight mistake let DannyB get past him then a few laps later he would have to retire from the race which allowed SonnyO to get into the second place spot for A1 with Shane Rasmussen taking 3rd, now onto A2 it would again Have Mike Murphy with the early lead and then just a blink of the eye DannyB gets around him for 1st place and thats how they would finish with SonnyO taking 3rd place in A2.


Finishing Order

  1. Danny Bartholomew
  2. SonnyO
  3. Slim Gravy
  4. Shane Rasmussen
  5. Mike Murphy
  6. Mark Waggoner
  7. Mike Aschliman
  8. Dave Stewart
  9. Julian Malevanets

Nitro Truggy would be all about the Teknos this race as they were all dialed in from Fridays practice with the top 3 qualifiers finishing in the same order, but first lets see what leads up to the Amain with some Bmain action. BQ Nathan Long with his Triton L5 powered TLR Truggy with Bones Brew fuel would shut down the 20 minute Bmain race by a lap lead over second place driver RV Nathan would also set the hot lap of the race by almost a full second as he had his TLR Truggy dialed in on the new Proline Suppressor tires Steve Battaglia would be getting his Hot Bodies Truggy dialed in for the main but would come up short of thr bump into the 30 minute Amain final. Now for the Amain as I said prior the Tekno guys had the truggies dialed in early on and would go on to dominate the Amain from the start to finish never looking back and no real action on the track for any battles as everyone seemed to finish on their own lap.


Finishing Order

  1. Tony Bacon
  2. Jason Bloom
  3. Kevin Bronner
  4. Bryan Seitz
  5. Wade Aronson
  6. Nathan Long
  7. Matt Wilcox
  8. Frank Hodits
  9. RV
  10. Nitro Al

As always I would like to personally give a huge thanks to all of the sponsors of the MWRCT I hope they are getting the support from the racers of this Tour so please give them a thanks and go buy some products from them! Byrons Fuel, Leadfinger RC, Triton RC, Fierce RC, DannyB Screws, FTM Grip, RCnews.net, BuKu, Raceday Hobbies, Rocket Graphics, Proline, Major Art & Hobby, Quality Motors, Tekno RC again Thanks to everyone for the support from the racers to the sponsors and the family members for putting up with all of this as well.