Thumb RC Mini Scale Off-Road National


Thumb RC Mini Nationals

The 1st Annual Thumb RC Mini Scale Off-Road National race was held on May 9th at Thumb RC in Gagetown, Michigan. The event featured 1/14 to 1/18 classes and also included 1/10 scale support classes. The weather forecast hindered the driver turnout for the day. There was a 90% chance of rain Friday and Saturday which turned out to be a light rain for an hour in the afternoon. The track was dry in the morning and then was damp for the final three main events of the day. In all, there was 35 entries for the day.

118 mod

1/18 Scale Modified
Tom Claerhout was the top qualifier in the 1/18 Modified class. This class had four total entries and all of them were Dromida 1/18 cars. Jacob Dohrmann qualified second followed by Trevor Francis and TJ Sheridan. When the horn sounded for the race to begin it was Jacob taking the early lead. He held the top spot for two laps before Tom finally made his way around. Trevor dropped out and was unable to log a lap. After eight minutes of racing, Tom finished with 10 laps. Jacob was close behind with 9 laps and TJ filled the podium with 8 laps done. It was a Dromida sweep on the podium.

  1. Tom Claerhout
  2. Jacob Dohrmann
  3. TJ Sheridan
  4. Trevor Francis


1/14 to 1/16 Scale Modified B Main
The second main event of the day was the 1/14 to 1/16 modified B main. After the starting tone, Crystal Bandlow came around the finish line holding the lead. However, on the second lap Trevor Francis would take the lead. The field was mixed up yet again on the third lap as Jacob Dohrmann claimed first place. He would hold first until lap five when Trevor momentarily gained the lead back. However, Jacob took over the lead on lap six and held it all the way to the finish. As the finish tone rang, Jacob completed 9 laps. Crystal finished second with 8 laps followed by Trevor with 8 laps. Joe Bandlow brought home fourth place with 6 laps completed. With the win, Jacob got the bump up to the A main.

  1. Jacob Dohrmann
  2. Crystal Bandlow
  3. Trevor Francis
  4. Joe Bandlow

4x4 sc

1/10 4×4 Short Course
One of the most competitive classes of the day was the 4×4 Short Course class. The top four finishers were all within a lap of each other. If not for a car failure, we may have had a different winner as well. Mike Royer came around lap 2 in fifth place. However, by lap ten he had made the pass for first place and held it all the way until the finish line after 12 laps. Toecutter appeared to have the win in hand as he led the race for six laps. However, on lap 9 he ran into some electrical problems and had to slow his pace. Chris Higgins led the race early and then settled into second place for the remaining eight laps. Dave Cribbins came across the line in fourth place followed by Kenny Green in fifth.

  1. Mike Royer
  2. Chris Higgins
  3. Toecutter
  4. Dave Cribbins
  5. Kenny Green
  6. Brian Burch


1/14 to 1/16 Scale Modified A Main
The 1/14 to 1/16 Modified class featured the top five qualifiers plus one bump up driver from the B main. This class had lap times that were only a few seconds off of the 1/10 4×4 short course class. The top three drivers were all on the same lap. Mike Royer had the lead for the first two laps. However on lap three he had a crash and lost about twenty seconds which would end up costing him a shot at first or second. After Mike crashed, Chris Higgins took over the lead and never looked back. He led nine of eleven laps to take the overall victory. Ryan Burch ran a close second and was within five seconds for most of the race. Things tightened up on the last lap but he was not able to make a pass. Mike Royer finished third, twenty-two seconds back from Chris. Fourth place went to Ben Klein and fifth went to Steve Klein. Jacob Dohrmann was only able to make four laps before bowing out with mechanical issues.

  1. Chris Higgins
  2. Ryan Burch
  3. Mike Royer
  4. Ben Klein
  5. Steve Klein
  6. Jacob Dohrmann

1/10 4WD Buggy & 2WD Buggy

The 1/10 buggy classes were ran together but scored separately. In 4wd buggy action, all three drivers were racing Caster Racing S10B buggies. Tom Claerhout was the top qualifier and took the main overall victory. Jacob Dohrmann finished one lap behind in second place. Ben Klein finished in third place with 8 laps completed.
In 2wd buggy action, Toecutter was the top qualifier and finished second overall between both classes and top honors in the 2wd buggy class. Trevor Francis was only able to make two laps with his RC10 before calling it a day with car troubles.

4wd buggy (1)

4WD Buggy

  1. Tom Claerhout
  2. Jacob Dohrmann
  3. Ben Klein

2wdbuggy (1)

2WD Buggy

  1. Toecutter
  2. Trevor Francis


Open Mini
The open mini class featured the best battle of the day. Chris Higgins and Brian Burch battled for most of the main with Chris leading nine of eleven laps. On lap ten Brian found his way by Chris and held on for the win just one second in front of Chris after eight minutes of racing. Steve Klein rounded out the podium in third place just one lap behind the leaders. Kenny Green finished in fourth place after completing 9 laps for his best run of the day.

  1. Brian Burch
  2. Chris Higgins
  3. Steve Klein
  4. Kenny Green


Youth Mini
The youth mini class is for drivers with 1/14 to 1/18 scale vehicles and under the age of fifteen. The class had six entries on the day. The top qualifier was Ben Klein followed by Annabelle Hutchinson and TJ Sheridan. Once the youth main event rolled around, it was a battle of attrition for the drivers. The track was wet and the outside edges of the track was wet powder. If you did not stay in the groove, it really took your momentum away. Ben Klein took the holeshot and led every lap of the main event. Anabelle was running second for two laps before her car quit steering and she had to pull off. TJ Sheridan bumped up to second place and held it all the way to the finish. Gregory rounded out the podium in third place after completing eight laps.

  1. Ben Klein
  2. TJ Sheridan
  3. Gregory
  4. Marshal Avetta
  5. Joe Bandlow
  6. Annabelle

“Thumb RC would like to thank everyone that came out and made the 1st annual mini national race a success. You can expect bigger and better things next year. Hopefully the weather cooperates as well. Thank you to these great sponsors: JConcepts, Tekin, Hobby-Pro USA, Blue Fox Gifts, Panther Tires, Hobbywing, Robinson Racing, Boca Bearings, Castle, Team Associated, Tekno RC, Nankin Hobby,, Caster Racing, AKA, CowRC and RC Screwz.”

Source: Thumb RC