JConcepts alu B5M wing mount & buttons


JConcepts B5M Wing Buttons

The rear wing mount of the Team Associated B5M vehicle is under a serious load during crashes and inevitable direct landings. JConcepts has beefed up the wing mount area with the introduction of the aluminum mounts specifically designed for B5M vehicle. CNC-machined aluminum, available in blue and black color, these mounts are designed in a creative but functional way to add rigidity to a high-impact area. A direct bolt-on part to the popular AE vehicle adds security, high-end looks and peace of mind for the hard-core basher and racer.

Securing the wing to the mounts is made easy with the included Finnisher style aluminum wing buttons which accept a 3mm flat head screw (not included). The use of these parts in conjunction with the (not included) #2357 aluminum wing shim adds durability and a direct clamp to the assembly. The added boss on the wing mounts aligns the pre-cut #0145 B5M Hi-Clearance wing perfectly for a show quality look, fit and finish.

  • CNC-machined, aluminum
  • Heavy-duty, peace of mind performance
  • Blue or black anodized with chamfered silver edging
  • Finnisher aluminum wing buttons included
  • Laser engraved JC logos

Source: JConcepts