Schelle ‘Black Diamond’ bearing oil


Schelle Bearing Oil

As the legend of Schelle Black Diamond Ceramic bearings grow, Schelle is proud to offer their Black Diamond Bearing Oil for their customers to use during regular maintenance. Black Diamond Bearing Oil is ideal for high-RPM because it reduces drag and will not break down at high temperatures. In addition, the oil contains additives to prevent sludge and corrosion for longer life. Use it to maintain your existing bearings in your car and motor, or clean/flush your bearings and re-lube with Black Diamond Bearing Oil for all out maximum performance.


  • 10 cc oval bottle with fine needle tip and secure cap.
  • Pure synthetic, low viscosity to reduce drag.
  • Formulated for extreme conditions, won’t break down at high temperatures.
  • Additives prevent sludge and corrosion inside your bearings.
  • Military Grade.
  • Package contains 10cc bottle of Black Diamond Bearing Oil with cap.

Source: Schelle