AE delivers new FOX® 1/10 Shocks


AE Fox Shocks

Team Associated has stepped up the R/C shock game with their all-new FOX® shocks with Genuine Kashima® Coat. These shocks have the same attributes as the shock coat found on the buttery-smooth FOX® Factory Series forks and shocks, providing extended life and silky-smooth shock action. The shock shafts use a screw to secure the piston, and are available in two coatings to choose from: TiN shafts for the longest life and Factory Team Chrome shafts for the smoothest action.

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The pistons are machined for a precision fit and finish, and the edges have large radiuses for the smoothest shock action. Also available are blanks for customizing your own. These screw-mounted shafts and pistons are not compatible with AE’s E-clip shafts and pistons. Fits 1/10 scale 2WD and 4WD electric buggies, and 1/10 scale 2WD electric trucks and short course.

Source: Team Associated