Tuning Haus diff & suspension balls


Tuning Haus Options

Tuning Haus has just announced their newest option parts today, covering a variety of vehicles (both onroad and offroad). In the onroad department, Tuning Haus delivers their new Machined Delrin Lower Suspension Balls for Tamiya and other popular F1 platforms. Designed as a direct replacement for the Tamiya lower ball, extensive on-track testing has proven them reliable in other chassis brands that use a part of similar design. The lightweight, aerospace polymer material reduces friction throughout the kingpin movement for more precise handling. Sold in pairs.

TUH1102 b TUH1102 TUH1107-TUH1108 TUH1106  

While Tuning Haus’s specialty may be F1 racing, their next release is not limited to just one genre. Tuning Haus delivers their new Ultra-Precision Diff Balls, produced from chrome steel hardened to RC60 and are spherical within a tolerance of .0001” (.0025mm). Perfect for most any onroad or offroad differential and conveniently available in 1/8”, 3/32”, and 3mm sizes. Each package contains sixteen pieces.

  • TUH1106 Ultra-Precision Diff Balls (16) 1/8″
  • TUH1107 Ultra-Precision Diff Balls (16) 3/32″
  • TUH1108 Ultra-Precision Diff Balls (16) 3mm

Source: Tuning Haus