Shepherd Velox V10 option sway bars


Velox Options

Team Shepherd is pleased to introduce new options for the Velox V10. The 1.6mm and 1.8mm rear anti-roll bars, in combination with a new 2.0mm bushing, allow additional setup possibilities to fine-tune the rear end of the Velox V10 Pro.

Made of high quality spring steel the softer anti-roll bars give the rear end more stability to be able to use the full steering potential of the Velox V10, without having the car too difficult to drive. As with the standard 2.4mm bushing the play of the anti-roll bar wires would be too high, a new 2.0mm bushing made of high quality steel is introduced as well which can be used for all anti-roll bars of 2.0mm and smaller.

Source: Shepherd