MOTIV “Black Out” 4/5mm Charge Lead


Motiv Charge Leads

Gravity RC is proud to introduce the MOTIV “Black Out” 4/5mm Step Plug Charge Leads. This lead is blacked out to match any color pit station, uses the Patent pending ‘TQ Racing’ 4 to 5mm step bullet. This allows you to charge 4 or 5mm bullet plug packs without having to carry extra charge leads. The lead is color coded at the bullets using shrink wrap to designate positive and negative so you don’t cross up the polarity. This utilizes 200 degree Celsius wire that allows you to charge at higher amps if desired. At 2 feet long it allows you to charge out of the way to keep your pit area clean. This lead uses standard 4mm bullet plugs leading into the charger. It also features extra length added to the most common XH balance plug which allows you to reach your balance port without putting added stress on the wires.

Source: Gravity RC