Vampire delivers new charge leads


Vampire Deans

Vampire Racing introduce three new charging leads for different applications. First up is the LiPo saddle pack balancer harness made for all saddle packs with 4mm connector tubes. The conveniently sized harness comes factory-assembled with an industry-standard T-plug connector, XH balancer port and gold-plated 4mm bullet-type connectors.

Vampire Racing Leads

Also new is an universal charging lead with a Futaba/universal-compatible connector. The lead can be used both for receiver and transmitter battery packs, it comes pre-wired with 4mm gold-plated bullet-type connectors and an additional JST/BEC adapter cable.

Vampire Glow Ignitor Leads

Last but not least is a dedicated charging lead for glow igniters. Using 4mm bullet-type connectors and an industry-standard adapter the lead is ideal to charge most pre-assembled glow igniters.

  • VR-5921 Vampire Racing RX/TX Charging Lead Sanwa/Futaba with JST/BEC adaptor
  • VR-5922 Vampire Racing Glow Ignitor Charging Lead
  • VR-5923 Vampire Racing Lipo Saddle Pack Balancer cable (4mm to T-Plug)

Source: Vampire Racing