Tebo & Cav: The Comeback Kids of 2015


Tebo and Cav

The 2015 offroad racing season is well underway with multiple major events already in the books, for some reason it always seems most of the events are in the first half of the year… After last year’s dominating performance at nearly every race he entered, many expected Canadian Ty Tessmann to once again be atop the podium race after race for 2015. Unfortunately for Ty, 2015 has not yet proven to be the win-filled season for the 2014 World Champion.

Instead, two (still young) seasoned veterans, Jared Tebo and Ryan Cavalieri, are forging what many call a “comeback“.

“There is no question these two are back on their game, the question is what changed?”

Tebo Work

After not winning a major 1/8 nitro buggy race since (the lighter attended) Neo13, Tebo reclaimed his spot as one of the world’s best by DOMINATING the 2015 Psycho Nitro Blast (winning all three pro classes), winning Silver State in buggy, 2nd at NeoX after an epic final and 3rd at the Dirt Nitro Challenge which kicked it all off.

Cav Neo Win

Cavalieri ended 2014 strongly with a surprise 2nd at the IFMAR Worlds, but the 4x 1/10th Offroad World Champion has really revived his 1/8 race program with 2nd at the Dirt Nitro Challenge, an emphatic victory at NeoX, and a TQ/2nd place finish at Silver State.

“There’s still life in ’em, they ain’t done just yet!”

While both Tebo and Cavalieri are avid motocross fans and riders, there is no lack of physical training (such as in motocross) to blame for unwanted results. Neither driver has lacked effort, practice, or work ethic…so what is left? Equipment.

Tebo Point

While both drivers have seen various changes in equipment over the years, as of 2015 both Jared Tebo and Ryan Cavalieri signed with Maxima to run the full factory package; Maxima Fuel and MX O.S.-based engines.

Pillars Hat

Since their switch, neither driver has encountered the race ending engine troubles or ill-powered cars costing finishes let alone a win. Clearly they have the talent, could it be a lack of performance in previous fuel and/or engines that kept these two out of the winner’s circle?

MX Engine

Before you spill your rockstar blurbing ‘YES!’ at your computer screen/tablet/phone/Fax machine, there are always two sides to every coin.

When we flip this coin, we look back and see that Tebo and Cavalieri both previously ran Team Orion engines with Sidewinder fuel – Tebo running Byron & Maxima fuel intermittently during that time.

Lou Point

The package proved competitive over time, Tebo’s winning streak at the Neo Race proved that, however its many a year and too coincidental that drivers of Tebo & Cav’s calibre suddenly find a little extra ‘gear’ – perhaps that invisible sixth sense called confidence – a timely arrival after their switch to Maxima & MX branded OS power.


The mental game of racing at the highest level, you can’t buy that confidence or earn it like unobtainable golddust; a delicate mistress shrouded in mystique and wonder that surely gives RC Royalty such as Tebo & Cav a few extra tenths along with a return of  their rightful swagger.

“Those guys could win on talent before, but they have had to up their game in terms of preparation. I think the OS is the engine you want to run if you choose.”

– Anonymous industry icon.

3 Amigos

Whilst we praise the rise & rise of MX/Maxima combo for Cav & Tebo, its fair to say that fellow ‘Original 3‘ member Ryan Maifield has enjoyed some great success with Orion in nitro – a Dirt Nitro Challenge buggy title, Silver State truggy title, and a 2nd at the Psycho Nitro Blast – Not forgetting the amazing time he’s had in electric at the Reedy Race.

Tebo Flying

Is it all a change of engine that has ‘facelifted’ Cav & Tebo’s results in nitro?

Perhaps a catalyst for added motivation not least fuelled by Ty Tessmann’s ascent to the top of the World and subsequent lull in results since, in just over a month’s time, the circus travels to Chico, CA – this time for the nitro gas offroad nats. Scene of a Tebo triumph and Tessmann disappointment back in 2013, what will the future hold?

  • Dan

    Trying to say this is because of engine let alone fuel choice is the dumbest thing i have yet read online