BRCA 1/10 Nats Rd.2 – Kidderminster


BRCA Nats Rd2 Report

Race report by Tony Evdoka

Kidderminster Radio Control Car Club is one of the oldest National venues in the UK. Founded in 1984 in the towns car park! The club became popular with its central location. Growing bigger and bigger it moved from a car park to its current location. The track was redesigned to its current format around 1994/5. Many great events have been held here. Some would say legends of our sport competed here on their road to glory. This is round 2 of the national championship and another venue making huge efforts to be ready for the event. Kiddy as its known is an undulated track with plenty of technical sections. No big air jumps here but plenty of small hop jumps and bumpy sections too. The cars have to be on song here. Another great track to test the skills of the very best in the land. The drivers are ready; the organisers are ready; so let’s race! Read more…