RC-Chrono nitro racing mobile app


RC CHrono App RCN

Smart phones are often the reason behind relationship break-ups, silent dinners, and social media madness. On the flip side, they are also a valuable tool in R/C racing world. For example, with the use of a smart phone and the all-new RC-Chrono mobile app, nitro racing pit stops and calculations have become so much easier! RC-Chrono is a new mobile app, developed in France, in which your pit guy/girl simply plugs in the length of your race, tank duration, maximum tank duration, and average lap time. The app then shows you the time of the race, fuel consumption with each passing second, allows for lap time recording, and more.

Try the new RC-Chrono mobile app for yourself by CLICKING HERE!
(Mobile app may be used on a computer as well as smart phone)