Jared Tebo University teams up with MX


JTU Sponsors

Exciting news from the Jared Tebo JTP camp today, as Tebo hass announced his sponsors AKA and MX have signed on board to sponsor the remaining JTU (Jared Tebo University) driving schools for 2015.

Jared says, “I am very proud to announce today that MX is joining the JTU family, as they will be an event sponsor for the remainder of the event’s in 2015. MX will be providing a lunch at all the JTU events, so come hungry for knowlege and food! It’s great to see companies like AKA and MX excited about JTU and jumping on board to support something that has been a dream of mine for years. I look forward to the next events, hope to see you there!”

Source: JTP