VRC releases Psycho Nitro Blast track


Virtual Racing Industries is proud to announce the 430m long monster offroad Psycho Nitro Blast VI track has just been released, bringing the total number of VRC full-size offroad tracks to 13! PNB VI features the lay-out as used during the 2013 version of this annual spectacle in the state of Georgia, USA. This is a ‘must have driven’ track. Re-live the 2013 event yourself and remember, other than the real track which is just put up for the annual event, this track is to stay on VRC Pro forever! So if you weren’t one of the 400 something racers who were lucky enough to attend that event back in 2013, now is your chance to master this extreme course yourself. It’s a blast…

PNB VI is now available free-of-charge for all Professional Lifetime All-inclusive members and temporary All-inclusive members, and for Free2Play members the new track can be purchased in the VRC World e-shop.

Source: VRC