Tekin 17.5 pre-race tech inspection guide


Tekin Tech Inspection

When it comes to stock class racing, one of the largest race day discussions/debates is tech inspection. Racer’s are always looking to push the limits with their equipment, and bending the rules in any way, shape, or form. Tekin has just released a very helpful, informative, and easy guide to ensure you and your 17.5 stock class racing buddies are at least mechanically legal BEFORE entering the dreaded tech inspection line.

“So as an ongoing topic of discussion it’s been noted that not everyone knows how to do a pre-tech inspection on their own motors. Well everyone here at Tekin is here to help, as always. Here’s how to do a tech inspection on the mechanical aspects of a 17.5 motor. For now we’re going to keep it about the physical mechanicals of the motor which anyone can do with a pair of digital calipers.”

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