Factory RC Yokomo YZ2 upgrades


Factory RC YZ2

The latest offerings from Factory RC for the Yokomo YZ2 buggy include a “Shorty” battery strap utilizing our plastic battery stop block system. Made from 3mm carbon fiber material, includes 2 blocks and your choice of steel or titanium screws.

Yz2 Steering Plate 3 1k Yz2 Straight Tower Only 1k Yz2 GW Tower Only 1k Yz2 Shorty Brace 1k

Factory RC also offers 3mm carbon fiber shock towers for both the “Gullwing” style and “Straight” style arms. 3mm carbon fiber with easily identifiable upper tower design means you will always choose the right tower for the appropriate arms. Factory RC has also improved upon the stock steering plates by offering an additional hole for our 3mm carbon fiber steering plates. This gives you another hole to alter ackerman angle out near the wheel end. Sold as a pair.

Source: Factory RC