Schumacher double joint drive shafts


Double Jointed Axles

Schumacher is pleased to announce their new Mi5evo Double Joint Drive Shafts, and super high quality Pro Ball Bearings. These new double joint drive shafts are made from super tough Spring Steel and are a replacement for the old G884 drive shafts. The new design is much stronger, less likely to bend or break in a hefty impact, and is of a higher quality.

Double joint drive shafts allow greater corner speed due to less binding and natural braking associated with regular universal joint drive shafts. This part also comes with a new high quality inner Pro ball bearing which is 3mm in width rather than the standard 4mm to allow the centre of the drive shaft to sit further into the hub carrier as close as possible to the steering pivot, for maximum efficiency.

It has a larger diameter for more strength which means it needs to be used with the new modified hub carrier which is supplied.

Schumacher Bearings


For the super serious racer always striving for the last 1/10th of a second Schumacher has introduced their range of Pro Ball Bearings. Firstly to fit in the micro caster block for the Mi5 and Mi5evo, these bearings significantly reduce the amount of play in this area. Secondly a Pro Bearing for axles/hub carriers, super high quality. And finally the replacement inner bearing for the new double joint drive shafts, high precision.

Source: Schumacher