BRCA East of England Regionals Rd.1


UK Series East

The first round of the BRCA East of England Regionals took place this past weekend at the Norfolk Buggy Club in Rackheath. With the region growing in the last few years it was a pleasure to see so many more new faces to the EoE region, a total of 67 drivers booking in totaling 84 entries split evenly between the 2wd and 4wd classes.


The NBC track is a mixture of 90% grass with a few astro sections giving an average lap time of around 25-30 seconds. Some pre race day fears of a mud bath were soon put to bed as we arrived to a slightly damp surface, one round of practice heats later and we were looking at a bone dry track. After the drivers briefing the qualifying was underway at around 9.30, with 4 rounds of 8 heats of qualifying and a feature of the EoE region, 3 leg finals for all finals it was a question of how much the track would change during the day, and how quickly the grass virgins could adapt to this mysterious surface. At the end of qualifying the track had developed a few dusty areas on the exits of the bends and a couple of rather deep ruts meaning drivers had to be alert and keep theirs thumbs active, but generally the track had held up well compared to what was expected.

The 2wd A final lined up with local Jonathan Brown on pole with 2014 champion Danny Conway sitting just behind, a special mention to race director Dave Evans drifting his Associated RC10 to 3rd place on the grid.

Finals results 2wd
D Final overall 3 legs

  1. Kevin Fenn
  2. Sam Peck
  3. Channon Beilby
  4. Jamie Lee
  5. Joe Turner
  6. Keith Wardle
  7. Richard Sharp
  8. Kacey Tinkler
  9. Richard Berry
  10. Joe Sharp

C Final overall 3 legs

  1. William Innocent
  2. Andrew Simpson
  3. Simon Lea-Armstrong
  4. Andy Windsor
  5. Colin Parsfield
  6. Lee Flynn
  7. Joe Howson
  8. Phillip Child
  9. Darren Windsor
  10. Jack Turner

B Final overall 3 legs

  1. Ian Buck
  2. Tony Price
  3. Simon Watson
  4. Ben Chester
  5. James Crockart
  6. Adam Bowyer-Lowe
  7. Rob York
  8. Daniel Usher
  9. Nic Child
  10. Craig Francis


2wd A final leg 1 – Danny took the win, with Lee Hedges making the jump from 4th to claim a valuable 2nd place, pole man Jonathan taking 3rd, Dave Evans slipping to 4th. leg 2 and Jonathan hammered home his pole to take the win, with Dave missing giving the RC10 a win by 5 seconds. Lee claimed 3rd to keep in the mix and Danny taking 4th. So to leg 3 and all was to play for any from the top four able to win the meeting, in the end Jonathan held his nerve to take the leg and overall win, Danny pressing hard but happy to to at least only be beaten by a local. Lee Hoping for a last lap mishap from the front pair which never arose but getting some solid points in the bag with 3rd overall. Dave Evans just asking too much from the only set of tyres he had on the RC10 and settling for 4th.


A Final overall 3 legs

  1. Jonathan Brown
  2. Danny Conway
  3. Lee Hedges
  4. Dave Evans
  5. Nigel Buck
  6. Alex Carter
  7. Simon Overall
  8. Connor Watkins
  9. Nicholas Child
  10. Graham Kisby

In 4wd Danny Conway proved you can race two classes in one meeting and still do well by taking pole, Steve Biscoe lined up behind Danny ready to pounce, while James Crockart lined up a superb 3rd.

Finals Results 4wd
D Final overall 3 legs

  1. Justin Easey
  2. Dale Mellings
  3. Nic Donovan
  4. Simon Lea-Armstrong
  5. Greg Stevens
  6. Andrew Chambers
  7. Sam Peck
  8. Tony Archer
  9. Will Fallaize
  10. Paul Tinkler
  11. Ashley Kew

C Final overall 3 legs

  1. Paul Pratley
  2. Kevin Fenn
  3. Pete Lyons
  4. Martin Long
  5. Daniel Chilvers
  6. Zane Gittens
  7. Phillip Child
  8. David Foulger
  9. Keith Wardle
  10. 10 Nic Child

B Final overall 3 legs

  1. Ben Hubbard
  2. Lee Hedges
  3. Jack Angus
  4. Carl Dufton
  5. Simon Overall
  6. Darren Windsor
  7. Andy Windsor
  8. Barry Abbott
  9. Tony Price
  10. Lee Flynn


4wd A final leg 1, Danny turned his pole position in to full advantage and took the win 3seconds ahead of Steve Biscoe, James taking a solid 3rd. Leg 2 and Steve hit back to take a comfortable win in the end 6 seconds ahead of Danny meaning all was to play for in leg 3, Rob York flew up the grid from 8th and took 3rd giving himself a chance of a podium spot. Leg 3 and Danny and Steve went hard at it for the win leaving the rest behind, the closest of finals and Danny took the leg and overall win by just over 1second from Steve, Paul timberlake making it three different 3rd place leg finishers.


A Final overall 3 legs

  1. Danny Conway
  2. Steve Biscoe
  3. James Crockart
  4. Paul Timberlake
  5. Graham Kisby
  6. Matthew Rowe
  7. Rob York
  8. James Wright
  9. Nicholas Child
  10. Anthony French

With the racing done there was just the presentations left to do, this completed and we were winding our merry way back just after 6pm a full days racing complete. We move on to round 2 which will be held at a new venue for the region, the Bowyer-Lowe racway just outside Kings Lynn, run by Adam from Model Hobby. Head over to central booking and get your entries in.