MIP’s new AE T5M Pucks system


MIP T5M Pucks

The next generation stadium truck is here, the Team Associated T5M, and so comes the ultimate drivetrain system; MIP’s Bi-Metal R-CVD’s. With a rock solid design proven by the B5M, this new MIP Pucks system is perfect for all T5M owners looking for an edge in the stock spec classes. This design is unlike C-CVD’s as it features a keyed joint made out of hardened alloy steel that connects to 7075 hard anodized aluminum. This feature allows you to lighten up the drivetrain without sacrificing the durability that steel components offer. Also with this R-CVD design it couples your original axle components with the MIP Bi-Metal bone to keep costs low and give you the essentials to transfer over to MIP’s Pucks system! Of course the system is accompanied by 7075 hard anodized aluminum outdrives and the necessary components to build your aluminum puck diff. 100% Made in the USA.

Source: MIP