Nugroho wins WillSon Track Opener



The Grand Opening WillSon Track Championship was held this past weekend in Denpasar, Bali. The track was designed and built by same track maker of Cnetic Track in Surabaya. Racers from Singapore, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Medan attended the race. The race format was 4 rounds of 7 minutes, 3 rounds on Saturday and 1 round on Sunday qualifying times with 3 best rounds to count. The finals were run from 1/4 final with 5 drivers to bump up.

TrackBaliP2 AllParticipants (2) JasonCar Track (4)

XRAY’s Jason Nugroho would capture TQ in qualifying, but after a bit of a struggle in the semi-final, found himself starting third on the grid for the final. Traffic made it a tough road for Nugroho, but he fought his way in and out trouble to take over the lead at the 50-minute mark. From there, he never looked back, taking the win ahead of Kyosho’s John Agus and HongNor Andre Irawan.

Final Results:

  1. Jason Nugroho (TQ) Xray / Novarossi
  2. John Agus Kyosho / Novarossi
  3. Andre Irawan HongNor / OS
  4. Ery Setiawan Sworkz / OS
  5. Harijono Santoso Kyosho / OS
  6. Wie Wen Sworkz / OS
  7. Kenji Liono Kyosho / OS
  8. Chopin Yusuf HongNor / Novarossi
  9. Willy Santana HongNor / Novarossi
  10. Wijaya Hartato Kyosho / Novarossi
  11. Merta S HongNor / Novarossi
  12. Eka S Kyosho / Novarossi
  13. Indra Liono Kyosho / OS
  14. Yoko S Sworkz / OS
  15. Wen Yi Mugen / OS

Source: XRAY