‘Dirt Cut’ precision scissors



How exciting can we make a pair of Scissors ?

Well pretty darned exciting when you learn that their the latest product by JConcepts via their Brian Kinwald ‘Dirt Racing Products’ brand – good now you’re sitting down here’s the blurb…

If you are involved in a hobby, chances are, scissors are one of your main tools of the trade.  Whether you are cutting or trimming, scissors are involved in just about all aspects while maintaining and building a fleet of R/C vehicles.  Brian “Dirt” Kinwald has used his fair share of scissors over the years while building prototype tires, mounting bodies, wings and all the detailing involved in building a race vehicle.  The Dirt Cut scissors have met the rigorous demands of the legendary racer, made available through Dirt Racing Products.

Dirt Cut – Precision straight scissors, stainless – blue

Part # – 8009
UPC Code – 845937014085
Retail price – $15.00