Paul Lemieux wins AOC in China


Paul AOC

The Asian Onroad Championship series made its way to RCI Raceway in Shanghai, China last week. The AOC series is a Scotty Ernst production and the host facility RCI is owned by the Wang racing family. Needless to say the race was amazing with every detail of the great event well organized and conducted. The RCI indoor Circuit is a 110/60ft permanent carpet facility in the massive city of Shanghai. The AOC China saw drivers representing eleven country’s from many regions of the world, Some of those drivers included IFMAR world champions in Hayato Matsuzaki(JP) and Surikarn Chaidajsuriya(THAI). Other drivers in attendance included Nicholas Lee of Singapore, JJ Wang among many others from China, and the North American contingents of Rick Howart, Kevin Hebert, Eric Anderson, Felix Law, Tiny Welch, Paul Lemieux and Eric Epp.

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Mod TC
1. Paul Lemieux
2. JJ Wang
3. Hayato Matsuzaki
4. Kevin Hebert
5. Nicholas Lee
6. Felix Law
7 Rick Howart
8. Stick King
9. Rocket Zhang
10. Chau Man Chan

13.5 Boosted TC
1. Darryl Thong
2. Yaowei Guo
3. Jimmy Qian
4. Salton Dong
5. Eric Anderson
6. Lo Lao
7. Jimmy So
8. Fu Xiao

13.5 Blinky TC
1. Eric Anderson
2. Yao Guang Tang
3. Eric Epp
4. ZI Lie Huang
5. Jae Ho Yu.
6. Kris LO
7. O Xiao
8. Mihnea Lupu
9. Nate Northrup
10. Tiny Welch

1/12 Stock
1. Eric Anderson
2. Heng
3. Hiro Nakatani
4. Wen Bo Lu
5. Bob Peterson
6. Yao Guang Tang
7. Rick Wang
8. Fang Jie Ding
9. Marcus NG
10. AI Lou

Source: XRAY