AKA announces ‘Ultra Soft 1/8 Tire Delay’



AKA has announced today a delay in the highly-anticipated Ultra Soft compound tires for 1/8 scale. Following the success of the 1/10 Ultra Soft tire compound, racers have been asking for such compound to equip their larger vehicles with as well.

AKA says,“We know you all have been anxiously awaiting the Ultra Soft compound for 1:8 after the success of the 1:10 Ultra Soft compound, but we have a few more tricks up our sleeves to make the 1:8 Ultra Soft even better for this application. Unfortunately, these things take time and we will be delaying the release. We thank you for your patience and we thank you for the great start AKA has had to the 2015 racing season at local tracks, national and international events!”

Source: AKA