XRAY signs Turkish champ Mustafa Alp


v_ Mustafa Alp

XRAY is happy to announce that the multi-time Turkish Champion, Mustafa Alp, has joined the XRAY team for 2015 season. Mustafa is focused on nitro and electric touring racing. In both classes has won many national races, and aims for success at international races as well. Mustafa will in 2015 race with T4 & NT1.

Mustafa says, “XRAY cars have always amazed me with highest quality and performance in the racing market and the dedication of the team is second to none. XRAY team is very friendly and bulletproof for customers. With the European Championship 2015 that will be for first time held in my home country in Turkey I wanted to race only the best car which is nothing else than the World Championship winning NT1. I would like to thanks to Umut from NCRC and Hudy family for their belief in me and supporting me for what I love to do: Racing RC cars.”

Source: XRAY