Spy Shot: LFR Serpent ‘Assassin’ body


LFR Spy Shot

While browsing the social media world, we stumbled across what appears to be a spy shot of something new in the works from Leadfinger Racing (LFR). Serpent/LFR team driver, Dylan Gerard, shared a photo of his Cobra E-Buggy during some afternoon testing. We aren’t exactly sure what all he is testing, but one thing IS for sure…the body on his car is not one we have seen before. Seeing that it is stickered up with LFR logos, combined with the recent success of the LFR ‘Assassin’ body line, we can only assume this is just one of many projects in the works at the LFR headquarters in Florida. Stay tuned for more details on the Serpent Cobra ‘Assassin’ as they become available…