EcoPower portable Bluetooth Speakers


EcoPower Bluetooth Speakers

Designed to be ultra-portable and extra loud, the EcoPower Bluetooth Speaker packs a big punch in a small package. Intended to be worn, hung or mounted, the Bluetooth Speaker is so versatile you’ll want to take it everywhere. Connect it wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled devices and pump out your music, movies and games with crystal clear audio.

When the 3.7V 300mAh Li-Ion battery needs charging, the included USB charge cord makes quick work, providing a full charge in under two hours. After a quick-charge, the EcoPower Bluetooth speaker delivers more than three hours of digital sound quality at maximum volume. The Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Windows devices. It’s available in two colors: Black and Gray/White. The Bluetooth Speaker includes a silicone suction cup that can be used for mounting to smooth vertical surfaces or used as a base for tabletops to prevent the speaker from moving while in use.