Season vets making a comeback


Cav Wins Top25

At the 2015 Neo X the veterans showed they still have the speed as Ryan Cavalieri wins the 2015 Neo X with Jared Tebo coming in second.  With such an internationally strong race almost everyone on the list moved position, however, some of the big moves happened toward the top with Cavalieri and Tebo breaking into the top 3 landing at 2nd and 3rd. Ryan and Jared have been on a terror in 2015. Cavalieri ‘s 2015 results include a 2nd at the Dirt Nitro Challenge, 2nd at Silver State, and 1st at Neo X, as well as 2nd at the Worlds late last year. Tebo has finished 3rd at the Dirt Nitro Challenge, 1st at Silver state, and 2nd at Neo X. The question is can they keep it up long enough to dethrone Ty Tessmann as the reigning #1 ranked driver in the world?

Top25 Neo Race NB

Source: Top25RC