First Look: R31House GRK Global drifter

1201 has graciously shared a first look at the all-new R31House GRK Global 1/10 Rear Motor 4WD Shaft Driven Drift Car. This car features a list of drift junky designs such as optimized drift suspension geometry, aeration style damper for better control and smoother slides, easy access alu motor mount, “no-slop” steering rack, CFRP carbon chassis and upper deck, and further alu hop-ups are set to be released in the near future as well. 

r31house-GRKG-11 r31house-GRKG-10 r31house-GRKG-9 r31house-GRKG-8 r31house-GRKG-7 r31house-GRKG-6 r31house-GRKG-4 r31house-GRKG-5

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