Tekno unveils the EB48SL 1/8 buggy


Tekno RC SL

Tekno RC has officially announced the new EB48SL 1/8 buggy. This is NOT a replacement for the EB48.2, but instead a new buggy kit for the emerging “Super Lite” 1/8 buggy class (hints EB48SL). The Super Lite class utilizes 2S LiPos (instead of 4S) and Pro4 SC motors and ESC’s. Why you ask? Many offroad tracks, especially smaller indoor facilities, do not want the liability, wear and tear on the track, and overall carnage that would be caused by full on 4S powered 1/8 E-Buggys. The Super Lite class lightens the cars, tames down the insane power, and in turn changing the minds of many track owners, and allowing 1/8 enthusiasts to race.

EB48SL_1s EB48SL_3s EB48SL_4s EB48SL_5s

Tekno says, “At Tekno RC, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and responding to popular demand. After releasing the original SCT410 4×4 SC truck, many people were ‘converting’ the SC platform into a 1/8th scale buggy that utilized the lighter drivetrain and suspension components of the SC. This led us to release a conversion kit to accomplish the task easier. The acceptance in the marketplace was immediate, as many customers could now run a 1/8th scale buggy using 2s lipo batteries and Pro4 motors and ESC’s. Furthermore, they could run on some tracks that didn’t allow for ‘full weight’ 4s lipo powered beasts.

Then we thought, “why not make it even easier for our customers to get what they want and offer a full blown SL kit?” Enter the EB48SL. Tekno RC was the first company to offer a purpose built 1/8th electric buggy when it hit the scene a few years ago. And now we’ve done it again with the first purpose built ‘Super Light’ 1/8th electric buggy. The EB48SL is built on the new SCT410.3 platform and shares ~95% parts compatibility with it. All of the new improvements and features put into the SCT410.3 are all present in the EB48SL, along with a couple others specifically for the buggy.

EB48SL_6s EB48SL_7s EB48SL_9s EB48SL_13s

The EB48SL represents a new and emerging class that is far more accessible to more people just starting out in the class. Batteries, motors, and parts are less expensive than their full weight 1/8th cousins. The kit itself is also an undeniable value and is backed by the best customer service in the industry.

But enough of that – how does it perform on the track? ‘Easy to drive fast’ would be the best way to describe the SL. Full traction patch of a 1/8th scale tread with much less weight and a touch less power results in maximum traction and corner speed. The EB48 is known for it’s steering, jumping ability, and efficiency and the SL continues this legacy.

EB48SL_8s EB48SL_10s EB48SL_Hub_Inset TKR5245

Lightened differentials, lightened driveline, and lightened aluminum parts are standard and used throughout. 16mm bore, aluminum threaded body, long travel shocks are standard. Updated SCT410.3 suspension geometry is standard. Split center diff mount and lightened chassis are standard. This is how we say ‘thank you’ to our customers, by providing maximum performance at a reasonable price.”