Protek’s 2015 “Supreme Power” LiPos


ProTek 2015 LiPos

ProTek R/C’s all-new 2015 “Supreme Power” 100C LiPo batteries are lighter, safer and more powerful. By improving the proprietary chemical composition of the cells, the 2015 ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” LiPos perform effortlessly when charged to the standard 4.2 volts per cell. The new chemistry uses high-density materials that provide additional heat shielding, thus providing a much safer battery pack that is less prone to puffing under demanding race conditions.

Keen racers may notice that the capacities have been reduced, which is a direct result from the feedback received from ProTek R/C racers all over the world who wanted lighter race packs. Each ProTek R/C LiPo battery has been optimized for its intended application. There is no need for the extra weight in your car if you’re not using the pack’s entire capacity during the course of a qualifier or main event. The 2015 ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” 100C LiPo batteries are the best cells to date and provide the competitive advantage ProTek R/C customers and pro drivers have come to expect. As a bonus, a set of 5mm to 4mm adapters are included with each battery that features 5mm bullet connectors, so you can continue to use your 4mm charge leads to charge your battery! The 2015 ProTek R/C LiPos are the same batteries top pro drivers Atsushi Hara, Adam Drake, Ryan Lutz, Austin Blair and Curtis Door use for international competition.

ProTek R/C’s “Supreme Power” 100C LiPos are backed by’s industry-leading customer service and generous warranty policies. and ProTek R/C can provide such liberal policies because each battery is put through stringent tests in a controlled environment to ensure the absolute best quality.