Jamie Rogers Memorial Race 2015



Flowood R/C Indoor Park hosted the second annual Jamie Rogers Memorial Race this past weekend. The layout designed by Marc Beck provided some very interesting and intense racing. The “whoop” section was a challenge for everyone at some point and became a great equalizer. 10 classes with 150 entries raced for 1st thru 5th and TQ. When the dust settled, it was Blake Boggs and Graham Gonzales taking the Expert Buggy and Truggy class wins, with Cole Ogden and Kevin McCoy winning E-Buggy and E-Truggy.

Expert Nitro Buggy

  1. Blake Boggs
  2. Cole Ogden (TQ)
  3. Drew Spurgeon
  4. Kevin McCoy
  5. Blake Jefferson

Expert Nitro Truggy

  1. Graham Gonzales
  2. Drew Spurgeon
  3. Blake Boggs (TQ)
  4. Bill Shepard
  5. Tracy Abshire

1/8 E-Buggy

  1. Cole Ogden (TQ)
  2. Martin Harrison
  3. Graham Gonzales
  4. Demarco Pendarvis
  5. Blake Boggs

1/8 E-Truggy

  1. Kevin McCoy
  2. Isaac Clapp
  3. Martin Harrison (TQ)
  4. Nathan Harrison
  5. Jim Brown