Hardman wins at Canadian Onroad Nats


Canadian TC Nats

The 2015 Canadian Onroad Nationals were held last weekend at the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario. Over 250 entries from all over North America were in attendance to put on a show for the thousands of spectators that came through to watch over the course of the 3 day event.In the Mod TC class it was a three way battle between Keven Hebert, Andrew Hardman and Team XRAY driver Paul Lemieux. Lemieux grabbed the TQ from Hebert in qualifying but in the final it was Hardman who found pace to take the win with a great drive.

track XRAY Pits STOCK TC

The 17.5 TC division was hotly contested with many drivers close in qualifying, Dave Johnson took the TQ but in the final it was Canadian Rob Say that took his XRAY to the top. The 13.5 TC division saw Gordie Tam claim the TQ but in the final it was Justin Silva that was crowned champion.

17.5 TC

  1. Rob Say
  2. Daniel Mills
  3. Dave Johnson
  4. Charly Gratts
  5. Alex Fournier
  6. Gordie Tam
  7. Martin Lecuyer
  8. Ron Garant
  9. Mark Frechette
  10. Stewy

Touring Super Stock (13.5)

  1. Justin Silva
  2. Gordie Tam
  3. Mark Freschette
  4. Daniel Mills
  5. Alex Fournier
  6. Franky Chan
  7. Jim Huppunen
  8. Eddie Mon
  9. Francis Lee
  10. Charlie Gratts


  1. Andrew Hardman
  2. PaulLemieux
  3. Kevin Hebert
  4. Blake Bell
  5. Daniel Weinstein
  6. Dave Locke
  7. Glen Sison
  8. Justin Silva
  9. Michael Zufelt
  10. Rob Say


  1. Dave Johnson
  2. Rob Say
  3. Michael Zufelt
  4. Stewy
  5. Jim Hoppunen
  6. Shawn Therrien
  7. Ryan Saunders
  8. Richard Swindells
  9. Ron Garant
  10. Brandon Cowell


  1. Alex Fournier
  2. Shawn Therrien
  3. Pete Elphinstone JR
  4. David Lam
  5. Dave Locke
  6. Steve Laliberte
  7. John Sceviour
  8. Tang Qianjun
  9. Stewy
  10. Daniel Therrien