Who will cash out as Silver State Champ?



The 2015 Silver State Nitro Challenge kicks off in less than 24 hours at the already famous RC Tracks Las Vegas facility (home of the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships). This event is a legendary event in America, and is known for its brutal conditions, hardcore racing, and surprises. In the past racers have been greeted with sandblasting windstorms, moon-surface track conditions, and everything in between. With such unique conditions, it is not always the ‘regular crowd’ who emerge victorious from this event, but instead the underdog’s who prevail.


In 2014 there was no question that Ty Tessmann was the man to beat. He had won several races prior to the event, and was a fan favorite to sweep Silver State, however, a combination of conditions and turn of events saw Australia’s Kyle McBride winning Nitro Buggy, Drew Moller winning Nitro Truggy, and Josh Wheeler winning E-Buggy. These are three drivers that are very capable of running in the A-Main, but looking at the stacked field of competition, not most people’s first picks to win. They all proved otherwise, taking the brutal Silver State conditions to their advantage.


This year’s event is held mere miles from the Las Vegas strip. Track conditions, racing environment, and atmosphere will be far different from that in the past. Competition is set to be higher than ever, as many drivers will be using this years event “pre-running” for next year’s IFMAR Worlds.


Due to the fact this is the home of the upcoming IFMAR Worlds, all eyes are on the 1/8 Nitro Buggy class, as national and international flavor will be in attendance (ex. Robert Batlle – who is otherwise rarely seen racing in America).

With all of the changes, all of the hype, all of the competition, and all of the excitement circling the 2015 Silver State Nitro Challenge…who will be crowned this year’s 1/8 Buggy champion?