Derderian continues with XRAY for 2015


v_Michael Derderian_resign baner

XRAY is happy to announce that the multi-time French champion Michael Derderian will continue to race the XRAY NT1 in the 2015 season. Michael is focused on nitro touring racing and will race all the major international and French races.

“I have been racing with XRAY for several years with a great success and as such I did not consider any other option than to continue with the World Championship winning team. I am happy to be part of the development team and will continue to help Martin and rest of the team with the further development of the NT1. During the year I will participate at all the major races including ENS series, Euros and of course the National series as well. I will be available at the French races to help to any XRAY drivers, so do not hesitate to contact me with any your questions.”

Source: XRAY