Hagberg & Honigl the 1/12 Euro Champs


Euros Report

The 2015 EC 1/12 took place at famous Hudy Arena for the first time on this weekend. Very technical track which was adjusted and narrowed before event was the scene of the race with almost 100 participants from all around the Europe. Most drivers came from Great Britain and Austria as well Germany, with more than 15 nations presented.

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Practices and 1st round of qualifications were on schedule on Friday. The 2014 European Champion Alexander Hagberg (XRAY) was on the rails from the early beginning and set the early pace in modified class and Hupo Honigl (Serpent) setting the lead in the stock class. These two drivers hold the overnight TQ on Friday and were the drivers to beat in the remaining qualifiers on Saturday.


Qualifications continued on Saturday from early in the morning. In modified class the 2nd round TQ went to British Champion Olly Jefferies (XRAY) thanks to his consistent racing. Juho Levanen (Associated) succeeded in 3rd round of qualifiers where he didn’t find any challenger. Alexander Hagberg who made few mistakes in previous two qualification rounds was able to get clean runs in the 4th and 5th qualifications and grabbed the overall TQ honors. In the 6th qualifications round Finn Juho Levanen finished in 1st place what ensured him overall 2nd qualification position. Third after qualifications finished Olly Jefferies.

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In stock class Hupo Honigl cruised to an unchallenged TQ finishing first in the first 5 qualification rounds. Danish driver Mike Gosvig (XRAY) racing for the first time 1/12 category showed great performance winning the last qualification round and securing an overall 2nd starting place in the A-main final. American Brian Wynn (CRC) qualified in 3rd position.


2015 European Championship Modified qualification results:
1. Alexander Hagber – XRAY
2. Juho Levanen – Associated
3. Olly Jefferies – XRAY
4. Markus Mobers – On-Point
5. Hubert Honigl – Serpent
6. Martin Wollanka – XRAY
7. Dominic Vogl – CRC
8. Mark Stiles – Yokomo
9. Tim Altmann
10. Vesa Yli – V-Design

2015 European Championship Stock qualification results:
1. Hubert Honigl – Serpent
2. Mike Gosvig – XRAY
3. Brian Wynn – CRC
4. Vesa Yli – V-Design
5. Simon Rubet – CRC
6. Christoffer Hedlund – VBC
7. Ollie Payne – Zen
8. Leigh Burton – CRC
9. Robert Klier – TOP
10. Herbert Weber – CRC

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A-main finals in both modified & stock class were on schedule on Sunday. In modified category in the first A-main final Swedish Alexander Hagberg (XRAY) took an early start before the tone for which he was awarded with a Stop & Go penalty which allowed Juho Levanen (Associated) to build a gap. Despite the penalty Alex with his XRAY X12 was able to recover and work his way through the crowd to take over the leader and take the win 6 seconds in front of Juho Levanen (Associated) followed by Olly Jefferies (XRAY) in third place.


In stock class Austrian Hupo Honigl (Serpent) held off intense pressure from Danish Mike Gosvig (XRAY) who made an early mistake which put him at the end of the starting field but showed great performance and was able to return to the 2nd place giving several pressures on the leader. At the end of the run Mike got into contact with Hupo from behind but showed sportsmanship and let Hupo to get back to first place. Brian Wynn finished at third place.


In 2nd round of A-main final in modified class Alexander Hagberg with his XRAY X12 didn’t find a competitor and took a start-to-finish win which crowned him the 2015 European Champion 1/12 Modified.

With the same scenario like in the first run Hupo Honigl (Serpent) won the 2nd A-main final in stock class and became 2015 European Champion Stock.
The last round of finals had to decide about the rest of the podium in both modified and stock class. In modified class Juho Levanen (Associated) showed great patience when he was able to make clean run and finish first in front of Olly Jefferies who made several attempts to overtake Juho but did not succeed and finished 3rd in the last final which secured Olly place podium in 3rd place.


In the last final run in stock class the main battle was between Mike Gosvig (XRAY) and Brian Wynn (CRC). Mike did not give anyone a chance and took an easy win followed by Brian Wynn which secured them both 2nd and 3rd place on podium respectively.

2015 European Championship Modified overall results:
1. Alexander HAGBERG – XRAY
2. Juho LEVANEN – Associated
4. Dominic VOGL – CRC
5. Markus MOBERS – On-Point
6. Hubert HONIGL – Serpent
8. Vesa YLI – V-Design
9. Mark STILES – Yokomo

2015 European Championship Stock overall results:
1. Hubert Honigl – Serpent
2. Mike Gosvig – XRAY
3. Brian Wynn – CRC
4. Vesa Yli – V-Design
5. Simon Rubet – CRC
6. Christoffer Hedlund – VBC
7. Ollie Payne – Zen
8. Leigh Burton – CRC
9. Robert Klier – TOP
10. Herbert Weber – CRC

Junior European Champion 2015 in modified is Kuba Simurda (XRAY) & in stock is Ollie Payne (Zen).


Source: XRAY