Modelix Racing comes to America


Modelix USA

Over the course of the past several years, Modelix Racing has been positioning its brands worldwide and together with the dedicated network of Modelix distributors have been introducing its brands in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and now it is proud to announce that Bellgate Distributors is the new exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada for all the product lines including the Ultimate Engines, Procircuit Tires, Nitrolux Fuel, as well as the diverse and growing Ultimate Racing line of products.

Roger Saladrigas of Modelix states, “Modelix Racing is very excited to be partnering with Bellgate Distributors. Bellgate, a well known distributor in the plastic model and rocket industry that has brought first class professionalism and customer service to the American and Canadian markets for many years, has now decided to enter the R/C world, and it’s a great opportunity for Modelix to introduce the entire line of products to these markets where there is a growing interest in the extensive and growing range of Modelix products.”

Richard O’Hara of Bellgate says, “We are very pleased to add Modelix Racing products to our growing line of distinctive R/C products. The quality, value and breadth of the entire line of Modelix products is superb and will appeal to a broad spectrum of R/C enthusiasts. Dealers will also appreciate the performance and durability that Modelix products are known for, and the superior support they will receive from us here at Bellgate. We look forward to satisfying the growing desire for Modelix Racing gear in the United States and Canada.”

Dealers interested in learning more may contact Bellgate at