Avid 7075-T6 alu XRAY T4’15 chassis


Avid XRAY Chassis

Avid has just released their new XRAY T4’15 aluminum chassis. The new chassis is designed to increase performance and handling on high to medium traction surfaces. The 2mm 7075-T6 chassis is anodized black with a laser etched Avid logo, and silver edge hightlights. Cutouts have been added, and existing diff cutouts are enlarged to reduce weight and increase flex while being thoughtful to keep enough material on the sides for your speedo to hold with servo tape. The battery tape on the bottom of the chassis has a cutout slot so it doesn’t interfere with ride height checks or drag on track, and the motor pocket width is decreased and is double pocketed to keep as much strength possible. To top it off, the chassis is 84mm narrower than stock, allowing the car to roll deeper through a corner.

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