WTF ‘Blow Them All’ ESC fan mount


Wild Turbo Fan

Introducing the all new innovative patent pending “Blow Them All” ESC fan mount by Wild Turbo Fan. By in depth studying the air flow pattern of modern day ESC, Wild Turbo Fan has found that no matter how powerful the ESC fan is, if the air flow is restricted the cooling is not effective. By placing the ESC fan at a optimized angle suddenly the powerful cooling air can reach the ESC casing, soldering terminals, and front area of the motor.

WTF Fan Mount

The effect is like having an extra motor cooling fans that also effectively cool the ESC at the same time without extra wiring and power consumption, best of all, the fan mount only weighted 2g. Tested in recently at TITC race in Thailand, driver report that both the ESC and Motor were cooler by 10 degree C comparing with and without the Blow Them All ESC fan mount. Available now.

Source: WTF