SRS drops Cactus Spectator Fees


Cactus Classic

They say 24 hours is a long time in politics, how about 72 hours in the lion’s den that is getting on the wrong side of the (very) vocal traveling RC racer circus – There can be no doubt that Cactus Classic hosts SRS Raceway have faced a massive onslaught of criticism over their initial plans to charge spectator & bring your own food fees, kicking off with the breaking of Facebook, a ‘Boycott SRS page‘ which reached 1200+ strong in no time and title sponsor Pro-Line trying to put out the fire – the end result: a post from SRS spokesman Adam Crippen announcing the spectator fees have been dropped at this time.

“Concern has been expressed about the new “Non-Participant” or “Spectator Fees.” I am here to address this: AT THIS TIME, THERE ARE NO SPECTATOR FEES FOR THE 2015 CACTUS CLASSIC. COME ENJOY THE CACTUS CLASSIC…FREE OF CHARGE !” – Adam Crippen

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