ORB Racing front wheel drive buggy



ORB Racing has shared a few early automated drawings, photos, and test runs of their latest project, the FF210 Front Wheeld Drive buggy. This buggy is based on the prototype buggy used to win the MAC Vlijmen Winter Championship, and is a Team Durango DEX210 conversion kit using 3D printed nylon components and composite plates. The car will accept shorty, saddle, and square LiPo packs for various configurations. We are told ORB Racing is currently arranging component suppliers and the production of a mold for the unique body shell this car will require.

1396935_1560474504091470_3327431518549487200_o 1796736_1560480077424246_3994089906233958428_o ORB FWD 2 ORB FWD